West Coast Customs: Turning Renderings into Reality | Corvette C8

West Coast Customs: Turning Renderings into Reality | Corvette C8

Sometimes it's hard to visualize a dream concept, but with the help of West Coast Customs, dreams become reality. Paul had a clear vision for his C8 Corvette and the West Coast Customs team made sure that vision came to life. From a widebody kit and ForgiatoTVwheels to a custom exhaust, let's take a look at how this project was transformed from rendering to reality!

West Coast Customs Vertical Doors, Inc & Widebody Kit

The Process
The first step in any West Coast Customs build is concepting. Paul had seen renderings of what he wanted his C8 Corvette to look like, so the team got to work creating several different design options for him to choose from. Once the final design was chosen, it was time to start building. The first order of business was the widebody kit which included new front fenders and rear quarter panels along with the C8 Door Hinge by Vertical Doors, Inc. This was no small task as it required custom fabrication along with lots of bodywork and refinishing. Once that was done, they moved on to adding some serious bling with @ForgiatoTVwheels. To finish off the exterior look, they added an aftermarket exhaust system and tinted windows.


The interior of the car also needed some love so they installed custom leather upholstery and trim pieces throughout. They also added audio upgrades including speakers and amps for maximum sound quality. Finally, they changed out all the lighting fixtures in favor of LED lights which added even more character to this already stunning vehicle.


West Coast CUstoms Widebody Corvette C8

Once everything was complete, Paul couldn’t believe his eyes! He said “I knew my vision would come together but I didn’t think it would turn out this good!” It certainly looks like Paul got exactly what he wanted thanks to the expert craftsmanship of West Coast Customs!

West Coast Customs Vertical Doors, Inc Corvette C8

Paul's C8 Corvette is a showstopper! Thanks to the hard work of the West Coast Customs team, his rendering became reality in no time at all. This is just one example of how this talented group can take any vision and make it come alive with incredible results. Whether you're looking for subtle modifications or something more radical, you can count on West Coast Customs to deliver quality work every time!

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