Vertical Doors Inc vs. Other Brands: Decades of Lambo Door Excellence

Vertical Doors Inc vs. Other Brands: Decades of Lambo Door Excellence

When it comes to elevating your Chevrolet C8 Corvette with C8 Lambo doors, the choice of the right kit can make all the difference. In this in-depth exploration, we're about to embark on a journey that showcases the unrivaled legacy of Vertical Doors Inc (VDI) and introduces the relative newcomers by other cheaper brands. Prepare to witness how VDI's decades of experience have not only pioneered a global phenomenon but also set an industry standard for over 100 different models. Meanwhile, we'll closely examine other brands, despite its similar design and very few models to test from, can truly match the unparalleled expertise and customer service that VDI has to offer.

Eikon Motorsports vs Vertical Doors Inc



The Newcomer With Much to Prove

In the realm of C8 Lambo doors, these other brands has arrived as a fresh faces, offering a similar design that have caught the eye of C8 Corvette enthusiasts. However, their status as a newcomer raises significant questions about their product's safety, durability, and overall quality.

Lack of Experience and Trustworthiness

These other brands may have intriguing design, but they lack the invaluable experience and trustworthiness that Vertical Doors Inc (VDI) has meticulously cultivated over decades. In the world of Lambo doors, experience is not just a bonus; it's an assurance of quality and safety.

The Question of Safety and Durability

While these other cheaper brands designs may be captivating, there's a concern about the safety and durability of their Lambo door hinge system. As recent reviews and complaints on platforms like BBB and Facebook Groups have highlighted, these other brands may not have undergone the rigorous testing and refinements that VDI's kits have endured over the years.

Eikon Motorsports vs Vertical Doors Inc

OTHER BRANDS: Door is 23.25" Inches From Ground


Recent Negative Feedback

It's essential to take note of recent negative feedback and unresolved complaints against these other brands. Customers have raised issues about non-delivery of products, lack of communication, and doubts about the product's reliability. These concerns must be considered when evaluating the cheaper brands as a potential choice for your C8 Corvette.

Cost & Install Transparency: Avoiding Surprises

These other cheaper brands pricing and install may not offer the same level of transparency, potentially leaving customers with unforeseen financial & install surprises,.

In the realm of Lambo doors for C8, choosing a kit is a significant decision that impacts not only your car's aesthetics but also its safety and performance. While other brands offers a similar but more straight-up like design vs lambo-style, their newness to the market raises questions about their product's durability and safety.

Based on the recent reviews of these other new and cheaper brands, it's evident that several customers have encountered significant issues with this company. Here's a summary of the key points highlighted in these reviews:

Review 1: Phillip I (1 star, 09/24/2023)

  • The product potentially voids the vehicle's warranty.
  • Weak points in the hinges raise concerns about door safety.
  • Allegations that the installation method used by "Other Brand" compromises vehicle safety.
  • The reviewer had to remove the product and reinstall fender supports to address the warranty and safety issues.

Review 2: Charles M (1 star, 08/28/2023)

  • The reviewer claims that the other cheaper brands have scammed them for $4300 in October 2021.
  • Allegations that the company never delivered the ordered product.
  • Strong accusations of fraudulent activity and warnings to potential customers.

Review 3: Dilshad D (1 star, 06/27/2023)

  • The reviewer placed an order in February 2022 but never received the products.
  • Attempts to get a refund have been met with a consistent lack of response and communication.
  • Promised shipping dates were repeatedly postponed, leading to frustration.
  • Multiple refund requests have gone unanswered.

In summary, these reviews collectively raise concerns about the quality of these other brands products, delivery issues, potential fraudulent activities, and poor customer service with unaddressed refund requests. It's crucial for potential customers to be aware of these issues and exercise caution when considering doing business with this company.


Vertical Doors Inc vs Eikon Motorsports

Vertical Doors Inc vs Eikon Motorsports

Vertical Doors Inc (VDI): Masters of the Lambo Door Trend

When we talk about Lambo doors, there's one name that rises above the rest - Vertical Doors Inc (VDI). These pioneers of the Lambo door trend didn't just jump on the bandwagon; they built it.

Two Decades of Dominance

With over two decades of expertise under their belt, VDI has consistently led the pack. They didn't just start the trend; they've continued to set the industry standard. This unmatched legacy has made them a trusted name among C8 Corvette owners and enthusiasts alike.

Influence Beyond Automobiles

VDI's impact doesn't stop with automobiles. Their innovation has resonated far beyond the world of car customization. It's not uncommon to see their Lambo doors featured in Hollywood blockbusters and music videos, adding that touch of futuristic flair to the entertainment world. From the silver screen to the hottest music videos, VDI's influence is unmistakable.

Vertical Doors Inc vs Eikon Motorsports

VERTICAL DOORS INC: Door is 18.5" From the Ground

Dependable Products & Impeccable Customer Service

What sets VDI apart isn't just their innovative designs but also their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As detailed by Corvette Force, VDI's kits aren't just about aesthetics; they're engineered for a perfect fit and finish, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Moreover, their comprehensive customer support, has set industry standards for assisting customers throughout their journey, from purchase inquiries to post-installation guidance.

Vertical Doors Inc's journey from pioneering a trend to becoming an industry heavyweight speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence. Their influence reaches far beyond the realm of automobiles, leaving an indelible mark on the worlds of music and Hollywood. When you choose VDI, you're not just selecting a conversion kit; you're investing in a legacy of quality, innovation, and customer-centric service that has stood the test of time.

Vertical Doors Inc C8 Lambo Doors

Comprehensive Customer Support: VDI's Hallmark

VDI goes above and beyond in supporting their customers. Their Lambo door kits come with comprehensive installation instructions, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. What truly sets VDI apart is their exceptional customer service. Their support covers every aspect, from addressing pre-purchase inquiries to providing invaluable post-installation assistance.

Proven Track Record: VDI's Satisfied Customers

With a rich history of satisfied customers, VDI has garnered glowing reviews and heartfelt testimonials. Their consistent track record of delivering on promises, a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This long-standing legacy speaks volumes about the trustworthiness of VDI's Lambo door kits.


Vertical Doors Inc – The Trusted Choice

In the realm of C8 Lambo door kits, Vertical Doors Inc remains unparalleled. Their pioneering spirit, decades of experience, dedication to quality, transparent pricing, comprehensive customer support, and outstanding reviews establish them as the preferred choice for C8 Corvette enthusiasts.

Other brands may offer a similar design, but they have yet to match VDI's legendary reputation. When it comes to significant modifications like Lambo doors, trust in experience, quality, and customer satisfaction is paramount. Vertical Doors Inc is the undisputed leader, ensuring a seamless upgrade and an exclusive touch for your Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

Don't settle for anything less than the best – elevate your C8 and any other model with Vertical Doors Inc, where expertise meets excellence.

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